Have A Vision?

Do you have a vision for your coworkers? Has God put them on your mind to lead them to salvation, or at least to impact their lives toward godly things?


Write the vision. Make it plain.

In business, if you have a vision, you write out a business plan. Why not do the same for your vision for the office. Write down the name(s) of the co-workers that you believe the Lord is calling you to impact for Him. Take that list and put it before you every morning, or every week before you go to work and pray for each one on it – even if you don’t like them.  God might move on them in answer to your prayers. But, He might also change your own attitude about them in answer to your prayer. In either case, keep praying for God to get a hold of them somehow.


Here’s another thought. If you find yourself in a situation where you don’t like your job too much, then put that on your list too! God can change the atmosphere there. So, it doesn’t hurt to pray about it.


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Hernando became a Christian over 20 years ago and has been serving in ministry ever since in one way, shape, or form - although not as you might expect. See the "About" page for more info. View all posts by hernandoworkplacechristian

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