Serving and Prospering Right Where You Are

Abraham was a wealthy businessman.

Moses was a politician and judge.

Joseph was business manager/administrator.

David was a singer/songwriter and military leader.

Peter was a fisherman.

Paul was a tax collector.

Luke was a doctor.

God can use you right where you are at. It doesn’t happen overnight, but God will use you as a vessel if you allow Him to. Success in God is not determined by the path through seminary or Bible School. It is determined by your willingness and availability to him daily, regardless of where you are now in whatever profession. If you ask Him to lead you, and submit to that leading, He can use you.

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Hernando became a Christian over 20 years ago and has been serving in ministry ever since in one way, shape, or form - although not as you might expect. See the "About" page for more info. View all posts by hernandoworkplacechristian

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